Howdy, my name is Ismael Arenzana, but call me Isma (obscure reference to Moby Dick). I’m a kid of the 80’s born in Madrid, the beautiful capital of Spain. I’ve lived most of my life in Spain and worked as a software engineer for my entire working life. I moved to the US and now live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I am a business student at the Indiana Institute of Technology.untitled-1-2

My passion for photography began when I was 15 and picked up a manual camera for the first time. This was during those bizarre days of film cameras. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with many aspects of photography: the technique, the art, and the emotions. But it’s been only recently that I have found the beauty in the story-telling aspect of this artistic discipline.

There is something about stories that appeals to all of us. I guess it has to do with our innate ability to immerse ourselves in the action and even feel like we’re part of it. But a wedding is not just another story, is it? Weddings are, to me, the ultimate expression of love, feelings, and humanity in people. In a simple, yet sophisticated and heart-felt way, it would be a true honor for me, as a photographer and story-teller, to capture your day.

If you still want to know more about me, I recommend that you check out my blog.