Familia II

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Familia II

This is not the first time I write about my family this year. In 2015 I’ve had the opportunity to spend more time than usual with them, considering I live abroad. It still amazes me how “affordable” flying is, and how moving around the planet is something that you can do within a day no problem. A few months ago I purchased a ticket to spend some time in Spain with my parents, I figured I could also celebrate my mom’s birthday as well, so I made it so it would coincide with that day. I called my aunt (from Miami) to tell her and, funny enough, she was also going to be in Spain at around the same time. We worked it out and got to meet in Europe. Now you may not know this, but this is the first time I’m with my mom on her birthday in around 4 years. This is the first time my aunt celebrates my mom’s birthday, with her, in decades. This September of 2015 was the first time we all celebrated it together. And it was wonderful.


My mom, on the left, my aunt Susy on the right. Shot with a Leica M6 and Kodak TriX 400.


I love this picture. Technically I can find tons of issues: motion blur, skin tonalities are off, a glass between the lens and the subject, composition is lacking… but I could not care less. My mom was, for a day, the happiest person on Earth. My aunt, for a day, was the happiest person on Earth. That makes me happy. It’s very true that it’s necessary for you to lose someone to truly realize how much they mean to you and, even though I haven’t lost them, I don’t have easy access to them. This picture means the world to me and has become one of my favorites. Here’s to my family.


My uncle on the left, my dad, and Enriquito. Shot with a Leica M6 and TriX 400.



My brother overlooking the North of Madrid. Shot with a Leica M6 and TriX 400.

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